Tribute to Our Girl!

This website is a tribute to our girl, darling little Katie Blue Bowman, who was the most beautiful, smart, loving little 8-year-old miniature schnauzer who adored us as much as we adored her and we could not have asked for a better companion in this life. She was with us for 8 wonderful years, she made us laugh every day, she brought comfort to us when we were having a bad day, and she brought joy to our lives and the lives of her “fans” across the world with her tricks, costumes, and all around doggie antics! Although Katie Blue passed away unexpectedly on October 30, 2014, her memories live on in the pictures and videos we took of her and that we are sharing with you as a Tribute to Katie Blue.

Within one week of that horribly stressful, devastating day, Eddie wrote “Good Night Little Katie” and he later arranged the song. It took awhile for him to be able to perform it in front of the camera but July 12, 2015 was the day! Music not only heals the mind but the soul too.

*Eddie is playing a Gigliotti Guitar in this video, built by Patrick Gigliotti (Tacoma, WA) to Joe Bonamassa’s specs.

Legacy’s Be-Bay Katie Blue Bowman aka Katie Blue was a very special girl! She had a knack for being in the middle of whatever it was that we were doing.

  • Many times as I was working on the computer, Katie Blue laid next to me or laid her head on my computer. She watched my hands until she was lulled to sleep by the keys klacking!
Katie is always helping!
Katie is always helping and makes sure there are no typos on her website!
  • If Eddie and I were chatting by the kitchen doorway, Katie Blue would get off the sofa and sit between us forming a triangle, and as I would speak, she would look at me, and when Eddie spoke, she would look at him. Back and forth she would go, taking it all in. It is almost as if she understood what was going on and she wanted to be part of the conversation. Unfortunately, I never was able to get a picture of this but it was so Katie Blue!
  • From a very young age, as soon as Eddie set up his TV tray in the living room (whether there was food on the tray or not), Katie Blue would immediately go sit in front of the tray! She sat there from the minute the tray went up until the minute Eddie put the tray away which could have been 1 to 1-1/2 hours later! She was hoping for a tiny little morsel to “accidently fall” off the tray! Every once in a while, Eddie had a little tiny training treat that he would gently push over the edge of the tray at some point during his meal. The very sharp-eyed Katie Blue always snatched it up when it came her way!
Katie Blue sat in front of TV tray as soon as Eddie put it up!
Katie Blue sat in front of TV tray as soon as Eddie put it up! She was hoping for one little morsel…
  • Katie Blue was a HUGE Joe Bonamassa fan! She was his littlest Street Team Member. One of the other Street Team members made this adorable Street Team shirt for Katie Blue…thanks Auntie Jane! It says “Bonamassa Street Team” on it (kind of hard to see because of the reflection). I took it to our meet and greet in Seattle with Joe in 2013 and he signed it for me along with a few other pieces Katie Blue had related to Joe’s music. How many musicians would do such a cool thing? Not many! Check out Joe’s music on Katie Blue’s website: Joe Bonamassa – Our Fav Artist
Katie Blue's Signed Street Team Shirt
In 2013, Joe Bonamassa signed Katie Blue’s Street Team shirt that Auntie Jane made for her!
Katie Blue's BonaBaby Shirt
Joe Bonamassa signed Katie Blue’s BonaBaby shirt that I altered to fit her (it was a child’s onesie)!
  • When we worked outside, she wanted to come out and be with us. Because we live on a busy street, we put her in her house on the porch so she could watch us.
Close up Lil' Miss Katie Blue resting her sweet head.
Close up of Lil’ Miss Katie Blue resting her sweet head while Mom and Dad build the fence.
  • Katie Blue has a “Costume Closet” with her various outfits she wore briefly on special occasions and for photo ops. Everything from a Skull & Crossbones T-shirt (her fav), to a French Maid costume (that won the 2014 voting on her outfits that she never got to wear as she passed away unexpectedly the day before Halloween 2014), to a Donatello Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume, and many more!! She was such a small little girl that she looked so adorable in any outfit or costume. Here is a couple of pics of her closet.
Katie Blue's Closet
Katie Blue’s Closet of fun costumes and outfits!
Katie Blue's Donatello costume!
Katie Blue’s Donatello Halloween costume. I tried it on her on 10.29.2014 and it was sooooo adorable!