Therapy Dogs

We always thought that Katie Blue would be a perfect therapy dog because she was so calm…until the door bell rang…patient, loving, and loved to cuddle. Have you ever wondered if you and your pet would make a great volunteer Therapy Pet Team?

If you and your pet are well-behaved and love people, you can register and then apply for certification as a volunteer Therapy Pet Team! Therapy Pet Teams bring happiness, smiles, warmth, and emotional support to others in:

  • Schools
  • Nursing and assisted living homes
  • Hospital pediatric unit
  • Libraries
  • Veterans programs
  • Anywhere someone needs a hug!

One of the coolest places a Therapy Pet Team can go is in schools where children need help with reading and they practice their reading skills on your pet! This is the Tail Waggin’ Tutors (TDI’s Reading Program)

There are several National therapy dog registration / certification organizations out there including Therapy Dogs Incorporated (TDI).

You can register and get certified as a Therapy Pet team Through TDI. Refer to the TDI Testing Guidelines. Therapy dogs R.O.C.K.!