Joe Bonamassa

Katie Blues LOVES Joe Bonamassa whether it is Joe performing in his videos (that are playing regularly at our house) or whether one of his many blues rockin’ CDs are playing! Joe Bonamassa is THE Blues Rock Titan! Check out Katie Blue’s video with “Joe Bobble”!If you want to hear more of Joe’s blues rock music, please visit Joe Bonamassa’s website!

“Private Performance for Katie Blue by Joe Bonamassa” by Bad Kitty Bowman (2010)

“Blues Deluxe” (Live at Rockpalast DVD 2005 — The word “Be-bay” came from this video and we made it part of Katie Blue’s name.  “Be-bay” means “baby” as sung by Joe Bonamassa in this version of Blues Deluxe–Baby Katie Blue)

Katie Blue - Joe Bonamassa Street Team

Katie Blue in her custom Joe Bonamassa Street Team shirt. Joe’s littlest Street Team Member! 4.11.2013


The videos shown below are only a handful of Joe’s work and music history.  Most current are at the top with his earlier work below.  In 2005 when we first learned of Joe, after his show in Seattle (Hot Summer Nights BB King’s 80th Birthday Tour that Joe and KWS opened for BB), we were blown away by this guy’s presence and obvious talent.  We went home to search for his videos on YouTube and we could only find FOUR!!  Yes, FOUR!  Since then, especially after his epic Royal Albert Hall show on 5.4.2009 in London, England, Joe’s career took off big time.  Now there are hundreds of thousands of videos on YouTube and he has 14+ CDs, DVDs, and many projects with other musicians that you will also find on CD and DVD.  Joe’s music is worthy of checking out!  He is wildly talented and he is a humble, nice man to boot!  We’ve met him many times in person and he knows Katie Blue and was always tickled about her response to his Joe BobbleHeads!  Enjoy these videos and look up others on his website, YouTube, and other social media.

~Katie’s Mama

“3 Kings Tour” – Full show on 8.7.2015 (2015)

“Tiger in Your Tank” – MuddyWolf Red Rocks Show (2015)

“You Shook Me” – MuddyWolf Red Rocks Show (2015)

“My Home is in the Delta” – MuddyWolf Red Rocks Show (2015)
(Filmed by Natasha in 1080 HD)

“Different Shades of Blue” – Different Shades of Blue CD (2014)

“Sloe Gin” – Pearl Concert Theater, Las Vegas (2013) (Sloe Gin CD came out in 2007)
(Filmed by Natasha in 1080 HD)

“Driving Towards the Daylight” – Driving Towards the Daylight CD (Official Music Video 2012)

“Dustbowl” – Dustbowl CD (2011)

“Steal Your Heart Away” – Black Rock CD (2010)

“Ballad of John Henry” – The Ballad of John Henry CD (2009)

“Just Got Paid/Dazed and Confused” – Live from Nowhere in Particular CD (performed at the Royal Albert Hall, London, England on 5.4.2009)

“So Many Roads” – Live from Nowhere in Particular CD (2008; performed at the Royal Albert Hall, London, England on 5.4.2009)

“Another Kind of Love” – Sloe Gin CD (2007)

“Bridge to Better Days” – You & Me CD (2006)

“Cradle Rock” – A New Day Yesterday CD/DVD (2005)

“Miss You, Hate You” – A New Day Yesterday CD/DVD (2005)

“Mountain Time” – Live at Rockpalast DVD (2005) (Joe is playing a Gigliotti Guitar built by Patrick Gigliotti, Tacoma, WA)

“The River” – Live at Rockpalast DVD (2005) (Joe is playing a Chandler LectraSlide guitar).

“Reconsider Baby” – Had to Cry Today CD (2004)

“Long Distance Blues” – Blues Deluxe CD (2003)

“Mumbling Word” – Blues Deluxe CD (2003)

“So It’s Like That” – So It’s Like That CD (2002; performed at the Royal Albert Hall, London, England on 5.4.2009)

“Walk in My Shadows” – A New Day Yesterday CD (2001)


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