Vaccinations for Dogs

Do not over-vaccinate your pet!

Katie Blue followed Dr. Jean Dodds protocol for vaccinating canines (dogs) and only received vaccinations she actually needed. Pay attention to vaccinations for dogs!

We asked her vet to do a titer test (every three years) to see if Katie Blue still had protective levels of the vaccines in her system and she always did so no further shots were necessary during her 8 years of life. The only shot we were forced to do (by law) was a rabies shot (every three years).

Check out Dr. Dodds Vaccination Protocol on the “Education” page of her website and blog: Dr. Jean Dodds Vaccination Protocol

We had negative vaccination experiences with our prior miniature schnauzers, Dolly and Beast. As a matter of course, each year at their annual vet exams, they were given vaccinations that, as it turned out, they did not need. They had allergic reactions after receiving the vaccinations as well. We stopped having them vaccinated (except for the rabies shot). At that time, we did not know about titer tests and their purpose (to determine if protective levels were already in their system) but learned about it when we got Katie Blue in 2006. In retrospect, we believe that Dolly and Beast had protective levels of the vaccinations in their systems every year and received shots that they did not need which adversely affected their health.

To protect your pets, question whether or not annual vaccinations are truly needed for your pets. A simple titer test will determine whether or not they need additional vaccinations.

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