Separation Anxiety in Dogs

This page provides information about separation anxiety in dogs and how to deal with it. There are many articles online about separation anxiety in dogs and we have found a few great resources to start learning from.

Resources to Learn From

  • Article Dealing with Dog Separation Anxiety by Martin Deeley. This is an interesting article that discusses the difference between true separation anxiety and a learned behavior; causes of dog separation anxiety; how to prevent separation anxiety; the importance of exercise, obedience training, and discipline; crate training to avoid separation anxiety; and how to change your routine to minimize separation anxiety in dogs.
  • Article Separation Anxiety in Dogs and How to Deal with It by Ron Hines, DVM, PhD. This article defines separation anxiety, non-drug ways to treat it, other strategies, and medications that could be used in certain situations. Try the behavior related, exercise, and non-drug strategies before trying medications on your dogs.
  • Separation Anxiety. The website has a lot of information, insights and strategies that may work for you and your dog.
  • Separation Anxiety or Not? This article discusses separation anxiety and looking at whether or not your dog has separation anxiety or whether it is acute boredom instead!

Quick Tips

Check out these 5 Tips to Help Dog Separation Anxiety by Ceasar Milan. These quick tips may help ease your dog’s separation anxiety (if she is indeed suffering from separation anxiety).

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