Grooming Your Dog

Grooming Your Pet. If you have a miniature schnauzer or other dog that has a lot of hair, grooming your dog is very important. Find a groomer who is qualified and knowledgeable about your breed of dog. You also want the groomer to be experienced in handling and relating well to dogs. If you want to groom your own dog, you need to be trained how to do it for your breed of dog and you need the correct tools to do the job. The DVD Grooming Your Miniature Schnauzer by Patty Ledgerwood is an excellent resource for learning how to groom your miniature schnauzer.

Your groomer should clean your dog’s ears, remove hair from the ears, and cut your dog’s nails. They should also periodically express your dog’s anal glands. If the groomer does not do this for you, take your pet to the vet to have it taken care of.

Katie has always been groomed by her human mom! It is a LOT of work to groom a miniature schnauzer and it has to be done every 6-8 weeks to keep your dog looking good, healthy, and comfortable.

Bathing is very important as well. You will need appropriate bathing tools like a gentle shampoo, a rinsing cup (or hand-held shower wand), towels and a wash cloth. Brush your dog thoroughly before you give her a bath. Use a pin brush (long metal pins in a flexible plastic backing) to brush your dog’s coat. You should already be brushing your miniature schnauzer’s furnishings (beard, legs, skirt) daily to keep mats out and running a wide-toothed metal comb through the coat to check for mats you may have missed when brushing!

Bathe your miniature schnauzer’s furnishings every 7-10 days or more often if she plays outside and gets dirty. Bathe (in the bathtub) the main body of the coat less often, every 3-4 weeks, unless your dog gets dirty more frequently.

Keep shampoo and water out of the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth when bathing your dog. Rinse all areas thoroughly, especially the furnishings and beard. You can use a wash cloth to bath your dog’s beard. Towel-dry your dog using a blotting motion (minimizes tangles) and comb through the coat and whiskers while they are drying to keep them smooth.

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