First Aid for Pets

We never know when an emergency will arise that may require us to help our pets until we can get them to an emergency vet! Know first aid for pets! Katie Blue suggests two things that we can do to be ready for such an emergency.

First Aid Training of Humans for Pets

There are several companies who offer First Aid training of humans for their pets including Pet Tech Training, Pet First Aide 4U (Texas), and the American Red Cross (scroll down that page to find).

The American Red Cross and Pet Tech can help you locate a training class near you. Your vet, local animal hospital, or local animal shelter may offer classes or can direct you to where classes are near you. There is usually a cost for this type of training but it is well worth it to be ready in case your pet needs you in an emergency!

On the Carrington College Website there is an infographic that summarizes how to give your puppy CPR. However, before using the information in the infographic, it would be a good idea to discuss the accuracy of it with your vet (like at your next vet appointment) or when you go to First Aid training.

First Aid Kit for Pets

Every pet owner should consider having a basic First Aid Kit on hand for their pet. Ideally, a larger one for home and a smaller one for the car. What should be in the Kit? Here is a list of items to consider adding to your First Aid Kit for Pets:

Contents of a pet disaster preparedness kit can be found here:

For your family’s safety, keep all medical supplies and medications out of the reach of children and pets.

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