Fireworks and Thunder

We discovered that some of our dogs were very sensitive to the **BOOM** of loud noises like fireworks and thunder and others were not. Try this tip–it works! Katie Blue was never affected by these noises (and she wasn’t even affected by the crash of my hi-hat in my drum kit) but if Dolly and Beast were here now, they would be able to attest to the efficacy of this method!

On July 4 or December 31 when everyone was blasting off fireworks, or when it was pouring rain with flashes of lightening and cracks of cRaZy loud thunder, Dolly and Beast would begin pacing, whining, and being very upset. Hovering over them only made them more nervous. We discovered a simple method of calming them down and making these “events” non-events every year.

TIP FOR YOU! We put their doggie beds in the bathroom downstairs, put a pee-pee pad on the floor along with fresh water and a few cuddly toys, then we talked to them for a minute and told them to get in their beds. We then turned on the bathroom overhead fan, turned off the light, and closed the door. We would check in on them every hour and EVERY TIME, they were curled up in their beds asleep even though fireworks or the storm was blasting away outside! They couldn’t hear it and they were all snuggled comfortably in their beds!

Instead of making your dogs feel insecure by doing nothing or by yelling at them, think outside the box to see what will calm them down without drugs or sedation. You’d be surprised what will work when you put yourself in their doggie shoes and say “how would I feel if I heard these loud bangs and booms?”

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