Feeding and Walking Your Dog

Feeding and walking your dog is extremely important! The tips provided here will help you take proper care of your pet. Feeding and walking your dog are two things that you will do every day, multiple times a day so be prepared!

Pay attention to what you feed your dog!

There are a lot of dog food choices available to pet owners but choosing the right one for your dog is the tricky part! Kibble? Canned dog food? Preparing wholesome, nutritionally balanced fresh food for your dog like the foods you prepare for yourself (minus the foods dogs cannot eat)? Or feeding raw?

It is worth noting that the convenience of certain foods for pets isn’t always the best choice for them nutritionally. Check out this article Dog Food: Ten Scary Truths

What did Katie Blue eat?

We chose to feed Katie Blue raw meat with raw marrow bones to gnaw on once a week, and Nature’s Farmacy Dogzymes Digestive Enhancer. Raw options that Katie Blue ate included raw white fish (no salmon); and raw beef, chicken, and duck that is frozen into 2 oz. bars (it is ground meat with fruits, vegetables, minerals, and vitamins added, no fillers, so it was nutritionally balanced). We defrosted however many bars we needed for Katie Blue’s meal twice a day and immediately fed it to her (raw meat cannot sit around at room temperature for obvious reasons).

Some of the positive things we noticed from our anecdotal experience with Katie Blue included a happier dog with more energy, a better coat, a great appetite, and healthier skin.

If you are thinking of feeding raw, first research the pros and cons of all options, then make up your own mind what is right for you and your pet. More information on feeding raw is located here:

~~Raw versus Cooked Pet Food Part I
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Additional resources about feeding raw:

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Whatever you decide to feed your dog, make sure it is species-appropriate and nutritionally balanced!

Holidays and Special Occasions

To your dog, holidays and special occasions are just another day where there is food available! Remember…do not give your pets cooked bones as they could splinter and cause internal damage! Feeding table scraps can also give them gas and bloat because they are not used to eating such rich food as well as eating foods that are toxic to them (dogs can’t always eat all foods). No one wants to spend the holiday at the emergency vet! Stay safe and keep your pets safe too.

For lists of food, plants, and other substances that are toxic to your dogs, please visit this page on Katie Blue’s website: Toxic Food, Plants, and Other Substances

Make sure you give your pet fresh, clean water twice a day!

Just like humans, pets need water too! Make sure they have fresh, clean water at least twice a day or sooner if their water bowl is empty. Wash your dog’s water and food bowls every day so they are fresh and clean for water and food. Don’t buy fancy watering devices unless you have a lot of time to keep them clean!

Walk your pet or let your pet outside (in a fenced yard) frequently!

This may be obvious to most people reading this information but because your pet eats and drinks water like we humans have to do to survive, they have to go outside often to relieve themselves. Please don’t make them wait! Take them outside first thing in the morning, during the day, and just before you go to bed at night. They will be more comfortable, not have accidents inside the house, and will not have medical issues develop because they have to hold it in until you take the time to take them out.

Our pets are members of our family and should be treated lovingly, with dignity, and with respect! If you can’t do these three basic things for your pet, it may be that having a pet is not a good idea for you at this point in time in your life.

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