Costumes and Clothing for Dogs

We all know how adorable mini-sized costumes and clothing looks on dogs but keep these tips in mind before dressing your dog up in costumes and clothing.

  • Dogs are generally very sensitive. Laughing, pointing, and making fun of them after you dress them up, make them feel bad and unsure about the situation and they probably don’t think too keenly about the outfit either. If you have to stiffle a giggle, do it behind your hand, or just give words of praise to your dog like “Pretty girl!” – “Aren’t you a handsome fella!” – well you get the idea!
  • Most dogs have fur or hair to keep them warm. They don’t need to wear clothes all day long like us humans have to! Katie Blue has seen a lot of dressed up dogs at the store, walking down the street, at the park, well, everywhere! Even though they look “cute,” it is not natural for an animal to wear clothes…they have fur for a reason. If it is hot outside, definitely do not dress your pet up as heat stroke is a real possibility and can happen quickly. It might be a good idea to limit “dress up” to photo ops and special occasions like Halloween, where your dog can answer the door with you, in a costume, and impress the kids who are also dressed up for Halloween…the kids love it too!
  • Some dogs have sensitive skin. Some dogs have sensitivities to certain fabrics which can irritate their skin. An example of this is wool. Just say no to wool clothing or bedding! If you try a piece of clothing or costume on your dog and they are showing signs that their skin is being irritated, take the item off your dog and try another (or leave it off all together especially if there is any visible irritation like redness, scratching right after you put the item on your dog, and so on).
  • Clothing and costumes must fit your dog! If the item of clothing or costume is too small or too tight, it presents a choking hazard for your dog! If the item of clothing or costume is too big, it presents a tripping hazard and a choking hazard your dog.

We need to pay attention to what our pets are telling us! If they “say no” by their actions, to a piece of clothing or a costume, then respect their wishes and wait for another day (if ever) when it may not be such an issue for them.

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