Cold Weather Can Be Deadly for Your Dog

Cold weather can be deadly for your dog! Tips from Katie Blue will help you properly care for your pet during cold weather! Click on the photos to make them bigger if you need larger print.

Depending on where you live, the weather may be mild, it may be severe, or somewhere in between. If you have pets, you need to pay attention to their exposure to cold and extreme weather conditions, e.g., how cold is it and how long are they exposed to the cold? They are only a fraction of the size of a human adult and can perish in cold weather if not properly cared for!

Please take note:  Does your pet generally talk to you (bark, whine, shiver, shake, or otherwise appear to be in distress)? Most pets do not “talk to you” UNLESS they are trying to tell you something like that they are in distress. LISTEN TO YOUR PETS. Pay attention to the signs of distress and respond accordingly. A brisk walk in the winter cold may be fine for you at 150+ pounds, but not for your 3-pound Yorkie. PAY ATTENTION!

Winter is deadly...Protect Your Pets!

Owen is wearing his winter coat to stay warm!

Paw Pad Health

Liam and Owen are romping around in the snow!

Dry Warm Coat

A dry, warm coat will keep your pet comfortable when outside for longer periods of time.

How cold is too cold?

NEVER make your pet sleep outside in extreme or cold weather!

If your pet is outdoors during cold weather, you need to provide the appropriate shelter for her. The shelter needs to be insulated and needs to protect from the wind and elements as much as possible (e.g., don’t face the door opening in the wind). The shelter should have bedding that is up off the floor (remember, the floor is next to the ground which is freezing) and the bedding should be dry and thick enough to provide a warm, comfortable environment for your pet. No matter how many times you have to do it, change the bedding so it is clean and dry. Even when it is cold out, pets need fresh water (that is not frozen over) so make sure they have an ample supply in their shelter.  If you don’t understand why it is important to have a warm shelter for your pet outside, there are plenty of pictures on the internet of poor, frozen-to-death dogs trying to sleep on the porch or steps, just hoping their humans have enough compassion to let them in during cold and extreme weather.  Be the owner who lets them in, PLEASE!

Legacy's Halley's Comet

Halley says to wipe her off after a walk to reduce toxic winter chemicals on her fur, feet, and body.

One last tip…We hear alot about not leaving your pet locked in a hot car during the summer and the same holds true for winter in the car. Once the engine is turned off, a car will quickly cool down which in really cold weather is a danger to your pet. Leave your pet at home where it is warm and dry. She will be very happy to see you when you get home!

Katie Blue-Protect Your Pets