Choosing the Right Toys for Your Dog

This page provides information about choosing the right toys for your dog. There are many articles online about toy safety, choosing toys based on the size of your pet, and many other related topics. Choosing the right toys for your dog with an eye to safety is important. Katie Blue included some great links to get you started on your Toy Quest!

Quick Tips

  • For the safety of your pets, always supervise them when they are playing with toys.
  • If a toy becomes torn and the stuffing is coming out, discard the toy immediately to prevent choking on the stuffing.
  • Buying the cheapest toys for your pet in the store or online may not be the best for them. Smelling them, making sure they are BPA-free, and in good condition are paramount.

Take a few minutes to research what you should look for when making toy purchases and then have fun buying appropriate toys for your pet!

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