Official Launch of Katie Blue Website

October 30, 2015, is the 1-year anniversary of the unexpected loss of our beloved Katie Blue! Although that day in 2014 crushed Eddie and I for many months afterward, to help minimize the pain, we decided to create a worthy tribute to our precious little girl! Eddie wrote and performed a little song for Katie Blue and I created the website. Creating this website has really helped us remember and focus on the good times and all of the joy she brought into our lives every day! For being such a small little girl, she had a lot of impact on a lot of people in her short 8 years of life.

Today, we invite you to browse through the pages of Katie Blue’s life (use the Menu Bar to navigate the 30 pages), to see her many friends including her musician friends, to enjoy her pictures, to learn some great information along the way for your pets, to follow her blog, and to return to her website in the future for new additions including Paw2Heart being added early in 2016, the Katie Blue store, and much, much more.

Thank you for helping us celebrate Katie Blue’s life! We ask that you share her website with your family and friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any other social media you use.

Much Love to you all,
Kitty & Eddie

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