Katie Blue Loves Sammie

Sammie is Katie Blue’s Auntie in real life! Katie Blue loves Sammie and they are friends forever as well as family!

They spent many hours together! Sammie would come over to visit or stay overnight with us, or Katie Blue went to spend time at Grandma’s house with Sammie. To keep dogs socialized with other animals and people, they have to have some buddies and be in all types of situations that will make them more comfortable being around others.

Sammie is one of Katie Blue’s animal friends and is in several pictures on her Miniature Schnauzer Pictures pages like this one: Katie Blue and Sammie – Friends Forever. Check out these adorable pictures!

This little “Comic Strip” was created from a bunch of pictures taken of Katie Blue and Sammie in our kitchen. Sammie is just a few years older than Katie Blue so in this series of pics, Katie Blue is “youth” and Sammie is the mature one.

Katie Blue Loves Sammie

Katie Blue Loves Sammie

Check out all of the cool stuff on Katie Blue’s website! Eddie’s song he wrote and performed for Katie Blue, how to care for your dogs, our favorite artists who also loved Katie Blue, and much, much more!


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