July 4th Fireworks

July 4th Fireworks May Stress Your Pets!

Gracie Blue July 4th

Gracie Blue July 4th

Today is Independence Day aka July 4th and lots of celebrations are going on all around the United States of America! Not all animals are desensitized to loud noises like July 4th fireworks and they experience a lot of stress at this time of the year as well as on New Year’s Eve. Gracie Blue was 28 weeks old on July 1, 2016. So far, she does not seem to react with any concern to the loud booming noises of the fireworks. We attribute this to her early puppyhood desensitization to loud noises by Legacy Miniature Schnauzers. How do they do this? Check out these two videos Legacy Miniature Schnauzer’s Puppy Obstacle Course–Gracie Blue and Legacy Miniature Schnauzer’s Puppy Obstacle Course.

I hear, repeatedly, on social media, at work, from family and friends, and overhearing conversations at the local coffee shop, how people’s pets suffer when there are fireworks at or around their home. People throw up their hands in frustration not knowing what to do. Some ask, “Should I drug my pets?” I believe the answer to that question is no! We tried everything in the past and then one day, when I really needed a resolution for Dolly and Beast, I came up with this idea and it worked!

Instead of letting your pet suffer (or drugging them), please take 3 minutes to read and implement the tips provided on Katie Blue’s website to help your pets get through fireworks and other loud noises without undue stress. You will be relieved not having to worry about them and then you can enjoy this festive occasion knowing they are okay.

Fireworks and your pet – Tips!

Happy Independence Day everyone!


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