July 4th Fireworks

July 4th Fireworks May Stress Your Pets!

Gracie Blue July 4th

Gracie Blue July 4th

Today is Independence Day aka July 4th! Lots of celebrations are happening around the United States of America! Don’t let your pet suffer (or drug them)! Read and implement tips on Katie Blue’s website to help your pets get through July 4th fireworks and other loud noises without undue stress. Enjoy festive occasions knowing your dogs are comfortable.

READ Fireworks and your pet – Tips!

Not all animals are desensitized to loud noises like July 4th fireworks which cause them undue stress. Little Gracie Blue didn’t pay attention to loud booming fireworks when she was a pup. One year later, the noises are catching her attention and she looks to us for reassurance. We don’t respond in a negative manner (or fuss over her) and then she goes about her business. If she is bothered by the fireworks in the future, we will be taking our own advice to help her through.

Exercising your dog early in the day of a fireworks holiday will help tire them out so they won’t be so anxious! A round of ball anyone? Gracie Blue fetched the ball a good dozen times before I brought out the camera! She could play all day!

The mantra on social media, at work, from family and friends, and in overheard conversations, highlights how people’s pets suffer when there are fireworks at or around their home. People throw up their hands in frustration not knowing what to do. Some ask, “Should I drug my pets?” I believe the answer to that question is no or would be a last resort. We tried everything in the past! Then one day, when I really needed a resolution for Dolly and Beast, I came up with this idea and it worked!

Happy Independence Day everyone!


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