Bringing the Princess Home

The long-awaited day finally arrived! March 11, 2016 was Gracie Blue’s homecoming! We took a road trip to Eastern Washington to pick Gracie Blue up from Legacy Miniature Schnauzers which is also where we got Katie Blue in 2006. We went out to breakfast at the Totem and then left there at 8 am. Because it was Friday morning, our trip began during rush hour traffic which is always so much fun (NOT!!!)! Once we got on I-90 and were headed East to Snoqualamie Pass, the traffic was minimal. The trip seemed to go by relatively quickly even with one pit stop at Indian John Hill rest area, (it takes about 4 hours one way), and we arrived about 12 noon. I mentioned to Eddie a few times on the way, “I hope hope she likes us!” He reassured me that she would, of course.

When we arrived at the Ledgerwood’s, Patty and Mack were having lunch but they stopped for a moment to bring Gracie Blue out to us. I picked her up and held her for a few minutes. She didn’t try to wiggle out of my arms or try to get down like you would expect a 12-week-old puppy would do. She just snuggled in like she knew she was going home with us. I then gave her to Eddie so he could hold her for a bit too. She settled in his arms just like she had known him forever. Her reaction to us made my heart very happy! The adult miniature schnauzers gathered around me to say “hey, you guys are okay by us!” Frankie, Lola, Bazinga, and Kitty. All of these gorgeous creatures are Champion miniature schnauzers. Gracie Blue’s mom, Classy (also a Champion), lives in Canada so she was not there, and neither was her dad, Travis (also a Champion).

In no particular order…Patty gave us instructions on feeding (we are feeding Gracie Blue raw just like we did Katie Blue) frequency and amounts; we signed the contract and gave her our check; she gave us Dr. Jean Dodd’s vaccination protocol for us and our vet; she gave us a silent whistle, a blanket, and an orange toy (Gracie was “Orange”–color of her ric rac collar–after she was born to tell her apart from her littermates); and we looked at the food combos that we were going to buy and take home. The raw food that we buy from Patty and Mack is from K-9 Kravings. There is a chicken/beef/vegetable mixture, a turkey/vegetable mixture, and a duck/vegetable mixture. Two 30-pound cases lasts for four months so we will be buying the frozen food 4 times a year. Gracie will get fed 1/2 c. of raw meat three times a day for the next month and then twice a day.

Patty also refreshed me on how to “Dremel” (very carefully) Gracie’s toenails and how to acquaint Gracie with the clippers and Dremel. You don’t have a blade in the clippers (or the sanding wheel on the Dremel) but just start one up (not at the same time) and just hold, for example, the clippers against her body so she can get used to the vibration. Patty makes sure that anyone who gets one of her miniature schnauzers are armed with all of the information they need for a successful relationship with their new pup! As Gracie Blue’s first human parents, we couldn’t have asked for better parents! If you are considering getting a dog or other pet, please be prepared. Read these tips from Katie Blue: Bringing Your New Dog Home


Patty and Mack

We also got to pet and ooooh and ahhhh over all of Patty and Mack’s adult miniature schnauzers as well as Gracie Blue’s littermates and also Lola’s puppy, “Pink,” until we left at 2:30 pm. We didn’t want to leave but had to get home with one stop on the way to deliver food to Leah and Fernando for their two miniature schnauzers, Owen and Liam.

Our trip home started with a gas and junk food stop at the gas station down the street from Patty and Mack’s house. Gracie Blue was in her “house” in the back seat, all snug as a bug in a rug with her new bunny, a cozy blanket to keep her warm, and several toys to keep her occupied. Every once in a while we would hear one of the toys squeaking! Other than that, we did not hear a peep out of Gracie the entire trip. No whining, crying, or anything!

We whined more than she did when we hit terrible rush hour traffic in Issaquah when we were trying to meet Leah and Fernando at the XXX Drive In (root beer and car joint). While we were there waiting, we got root beer floats and french fries for the road! Road trips are so much fun but aren’t always diet-friendly. The traffic was insane all the way home so we were very glad to finally get home about 6:45 pm!

As soon as we got in the house, I whisked Gracie outside and she promptly did her business. We fed her a bit, then finally breathed a happy sigh of relief that we were all home safely with our little Gracie Blue. She will be loved, she will be cherished, and she will be spoiled rotten…in a good way!


Home at Last

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