Happy Thanksgiving!

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we wish you a wonderful, safe, Happy Thanksgiving with your family and friends!

We love this shot of Katie Blue on Thanksgiving Day 2013. She was trying her hardest to convince Eddie to give her table scraps, even just a little tiny crumb…she cranked up the “cuteness factor” to a thousand and wiggled around and batted her little eyelashes but, sigh, it didn’t work! She ate her food twice a day and only training treats between meals so her little tummy and system didn’t get overloaded with food she doesn’t normally eat.

Remember…do not give your pets cooked bones as they could splinter and cause internal damage! Feeding table scraps can also give them gas and bloat because they are not used to eating such rich food as well as eating foods that are toxic to them (dogs can’t always eat all foods we eat). No one wants to spend the holiday at the emergency vet! Stay safe and keep your pets safe too.

For more tips on feeding your dog, and what they should or should not eat, visit this page on Katie Blue’s website: Feeding & Walking Your Dog

For more information on what foods, plants, and other substances are toxic to your dogs, please visit this page on Katie Blue’s website: Toxic Food, Plants, and Other Substances

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Thank you have Happy Thanksgiving!

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