Happy Birthday Joe Bonamassa

Happy Birthday Joe Bonamassa

Gracie Blue is going for a Drive with Joe Bonamassa

Our Fav Artist, Joe Bonamassa, turned 39 on May 8, 2016! Happy Birthday Joe Bonamassa — Blues Rock Titan! Gracie Blue starred in a movie with the five Joe Bobbles that features Joe’s song, Drive, from his new CD, Blues of Desperation! If you haven’t heard Joe’s new CD, you must! It is phenomenal! This movie was a birthday gift from us to Joe as a nod to the perfection of this song and his new CD overall!

After a 3-hour “photo shoot” on April 30, with Gracie Blue jumping in and out of the Hello Kitty Karaoke Car at least 75 times and a couple of accidents along the way, we finished the shoot and then I began putting the footage together to get to the final product! It took a few days to get the video just right (timing, photos, audio, video clips) and then I had to upload it to YouTube on May 5 so I could include the link in Joe’s birthday card (in case he didn’t have a computer on his bus that would accommodate the memory stick that we sent him with his birthday cards). We then sent the cards, memory stick, and other goodies by FedEx on May 5 to Patty Patrick in Iowa. Many thanks to Patty for delivering our FedEx package to Joe at the May 10 Davenport, Iowa show! Patty posted a picture on Facebook of Joe holding cards from others as well as our FedEx box so we know he got it! Yay!

We don’t know whether Joe has been able to watch the video yet or not but we gave him 10 days to look at it before we launched it on the Bad Kitty Blog today, May 20. Joe, if you see this blog post, please let us know if you like the video!

Please take 9’58” out of your day to watch Gracie Blue’s video for Joe! It includes outtakes too. It is on YouTube: Gracie Blue Goes for a Drive with Joe Bonamassa!

If you haven’t already checked out Katie Blue’s website, please take a few minutes to see all of the content we have shared about Katie Blue, Eddie’s song for Katie Blue, Gracie Blue, Our Fav Artists, tips on Caring for Your Pet, and much, much more. Please leave us comments on Katie Blue’s website by registering (people need to register otherwise others can leave spamming comments and stuff that detracts from the website–we will NOT spam you if you register)!

Happy Birthday Joe Bonamassa … we hope you had a wonderful 39th!

Happy Friday to one and all! Cheers to superb music, love, and fun, fun, fun!

Bad Kitty

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