Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Eddie!

December 20 is Eddie’s birthday! He is 68 years old today but is as young and spry as a 40-year-old! He may not agree with that assessment but I watch him every day and he looks damn good!

When Katie Blue was with us, I wrote a Happy Birthday message on a sheet of paper, picked a cute ribbon color (usually pink because Eddie likes pink), then attached the ribbon to the paper and attached it to Katie Blue’s collar.

I told her to “go see dad!” and she ran downstairs to where he was playing his guitar and gave him his Special message! I came down the stairs after her with the camera to get a mini video or snap a shot.

This picture is one I captured on Eddie’s 65th birthday! Katie Blue always joined in on the fun and did whatever it was we asked her to do. She always wanted to be right there with us and seemed to know exactly what to do. A smart, beautiful little girl indeed!

Happy Birthday Eddie! You make 68 look young! We love you!

Bad Kitty

Happy Birthday Dad!

Happy Birthday Eddie!

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