Gracie Blue is Here!

Gracie Blue…our furry bundle of joy!

We have been waiting for a quiet, little floppy-eared miniature schnauzer girl to come to us and it will finally happen! This news was the best Christmas present ever! Well, her impending arrival on our doorstep anyway will be in about 10-12 weeks (maybe sooner)! Katie Blue would approve because she wants us to be happy and to give a loving home to another little miniature schnauzer!

Gracie Blue was born on December 18, 2015, at 5:25 am to Grand Champion Legacy’s Touch Of Class (“Classy”). She has 3 sisters and 2 brothers in her litter and she is one of the puppies in the Christmas basket pictured below that Legacy Miniature Schnauzers posted on Facebook on December 24, 2015. The larger puppy in the basket is from another litter from a couple of weeks ago and the blue and green collars are boys. We will not know which puppy we get for a few weeks but she is in the basket! We will formally introduce her after she comes to live with us in early 2016!

Eddie and I are beyond thrilled with this awesome news! We can’t wait to meet her! See below the picture to learn how she got her name! For more birthday pictures, visit Gracie’s page on Katie Blue’s website.

Merry Christmas Gracie Blue

Merry Christmas Gracie Blue

Gracie Blue. There is a story behind her name… In the 1980s, I had a German Shepherd (only non-schnauzer dog I have owned) who I named Lacy Blue because she had blue eyes. So when we got Katie and because we are immersed in blues music, I called her Katie Blue. In Eddie’s song he wrote about Katie Blue after she died, he said that she had “quiet Grace.” As soon as I heard that part of his tribute song (and because of our love of the blues), I just knew I had to call my new puppy Gracie Blue! Eddie agreed! If you haven’t listened to Eddie’s song about Katie Blue, listen to it here…it is beautiful! Eddie’s song: Good Night Little Katie Her official name is: Legacy’s Be-Bay Gracie Blue Bowman. Like with Katie Blue’s name, “Be-bay” means “Baby” as sung in Joe Bonamassa’s song Blues Deluxe from his Live at Rockpalast DVD.

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