Be-Bay Gracie Blue

Introducing Legacy's Be-Bay Gracie Blue Bowman

Introducing Legacy’s Be-Bay Gracie Blue Bowman

Who is Be-Bay Gracie Blue? We now know who our little bundle of joy will be from the Christmas basket! We got to spend February 12 and 13 with the four girl puppies in the basket (two boys are green and blue collars) and had great fun interacting with them. They each had their own little personalities but one just grabbed our attention and hearts!

The “Orange” colored collar girl is our little Be-Bay Gracie Blue! We are so excited! We will be picking her up when she is 12 weeks old so we have about four weeks to go before she comes to live with us!

When we posted about “Puppy Day” on Facebook and showed pictures of all the girl puppies from the litter, pretty much unanimously, everyone said “Orange!” We did not ask people what they thought nor did we tell them we were considering Orange so it was pretty cool that everyone was on the same page we were! We love you all for being so supportive of Eddie and I after Katie Blue died so suddenly and we feel so lucky that you care about and are following our new adventures with little Be-Bay Gracie Blue. {{{HUGS}}} and love to you all!

We will be sending out many more Blog posts about Be-bay Gracie Blue when we pick her up in March and as she begins her life with us.

We are so blessed to have this darling little puppy in our home and most importantly in our hearts. Katie Blue would definitely approve!


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