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Tribute to Our Beloved Dog…Katie Blue!

This is a tribute to our beloved dog, Katie Blue, a super smart, adorable miniature schnauzer who was loved by all! Help us celebrate Katie Blue’s life!

Katie Blue Who?

Legacy’s Be-Bay (Baby) Katie Blue Bowman is who I am!  My birthday is February 8, 2006.  I am a beautiful, smart, loving little 8-year-old furry girl miniature schnauzer who adores my animal friends; my loving humans, Kitty (mom) and Eddie (dad); and all my friends on Facebook and Twitter.

My human mom and dad taught me all kinds of tricks and my mom bought me many, many toys!  I adore toys…my mom took a picture (click on it to make bigger) of me with my 150+ toys surrounding me…you have to look closely to see the star of the picture!

I hope you enjoy my photos and videos and that you will share your stories, photos, and videos with me too! Please click on all of the items in the menu bar because I have almost 30 pages of info to share with you.

~Katie Blue

Toys Toys Everywhere

Katie Blue LOVED to play with her toys!

P.S. This was Katie Blue’s input while we were developing her website and Facebook page, then she unexpectedly passed away on October 30, 2014. We wanted to retain her “message” to readers because it is all about Katie Blue afterall and the website has become a tribute to her!